Penmaenmawr Sailing Club

Great sailing in North Wales since 1962

Junior Gold Cup Race 24th May


SPicture shows eventual winner Dylan Williams having capsized and being overtaken by his brother Ieuan who came in third after the handicap system.

Penmaenmawr Sailing Club Junior Section held their 1st Junior Gold Cup Race on Sunday the 24th May around a course set out in the bay off Penmaenmawr. The Gold Cup is won by the junior sailor with the best average score over a series of 6 races throughout the sailing season. The race on Sunday was very close with six craft taking part in a North Westerly 10 to 15 mph wind. All boats were within nine minutes of each other at the finishing line. Due to the conditions there were several capsizes but all completed the course. The Commodore Gerry Frobisher presented prizes following the race and a special endeavour prize was presented to Daniel Blair for not giving in and completing the challenging course.


1st Dylan Williams – Topper

2nd Dai Moss – Topper

3rd Ieuan Williams – Laser

4th George Moss – Laser

5th Daniel Blair – Topper

Disqualified for not going around a buoy Arty Moss and James Blair – Pico

Race Officers Doug Blair and Glenn Williams

Safety Boat Gerry Frobisher and Mike Moss

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