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Tally Race Report


Commodores’ Report.

Picture show Tally Race winners Julian Bridges and Ancel Davison with Club Commodore Gerry Frobisher during the prize presentation.
Annual Open “Tally Race”.
Penmaenmawr Sailing Club held their popular annual Open Tally Race on Sunday the 24th July. This year’s race saw 11 sailors in 8 craft take part on very calm to begin with but with some challenging gusty winds during the race around a course off Penmaenmawr. The race involved a beach landing at Conwy Morfas where the sailors collected a “Tally” before a straight sprint home to the finish at Penmaenmawr Sailing Club. The Tally race was won by a visiting team from Y Felinheli, Port Dinorwic Sailing Club.

1st Julian Bridges and Ancel Davison – Flying Dutchman
2nd Peter Lewis – Dart 15
3rd Kevin Fear and Oli Grant – KL17
4th Neil Shea and Carol Pye – Dart 18
5th Mike Martin and Alan Martin – F18
6th Craig & Sue Petch – Dart 18

Patrol Boats – Mike Moss and Doug Blair.
Race Officers – Hilary Moss and Gerry Frobisher.

Danny's boom broke

Danny’s boom broke

Helen Blair manned the Morfas

Helen Blair manned the Morfas

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