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Results: R.N.L.I Challenge Cup 2011


Hi to all who raced ,organised, helped out and supported on the day

I would like to thank you all for making this such a great event.

The day went well and Penmaenmawr sailing club raise £105.00 for such a worthy cause. Thanks to the ladies from Conwy R.N.L.I who also raised money with there stall. I would like to say a big thank you to the Conwy Lifeboat crew who gave there time to come and visit and help out.

Thank you all for making this a great ending to my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

See you all next year to race for the trophy again.

Thomas Warburton

Sunday R.N.L.I. Race  July 31st corr/time
HELM Sail No PYH seconds POS Points
Race 0ne
Mike Robertshaw 758 916 11615 1 1
Bryan Wilcock 1 798 13240 2 2
(crew Olivia Wilcock)
Glenn Williams 1630 691 14318 3 3
(crew Calvin Kopec)
Arie Nouwen 209 710 14994 4 4
(crew James Nouwen)
Paul Phillips 164936 1101 dnscc 5
Alice Frobisher 798 dnscc 5
(crew Yvonne Wade)
David Titheridge 139 1095 dnscc 5
(crew Gehard Weis)
TonyAshcroft 119589 11011 Retired 9
Tony Tansley 10418 1127 Retired 9
(crewJohn Davidson)
Julian Patrick Retired 9
Ian Dudley 1385 Retired 9
I(Crew Nigel Dud Ley)
This Race was a fund raising race as a part of junior member Tom Warburtons Duke Of Edinburgh Award
The RACE Entrants fees raised £105 which was presented to the two ladies of the RNLI local area committee
The Ladies on the RNLI Stall were also pleased by their day
Thanks also to Katie Cakes Sue Petch & helpers for the food on sale which was much appreciated
Last but not least thank you to all the Club Sailors who took part
Race OfficersBernard Carter & Yash Kopec
Safety Boats Sean Jackson & Partner/Craig Petch
Penmaenmawr Sailing Club.race record sheet.Sunday

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