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2011 Annual Dinner Dance


Report and photos kindly sent in by Gerry Frobisher:
Penmaenmawr Sailing Club, celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2012,held its Annual Dinner and Prize Giving Awards Ceremony at Conwy Golf Club.

The Club Commodore, Gerry Frobisher MBE and Club Secretary Glenn Williams introduced the evening promising that the Club will be holding special events during the 2012 sailing season especially over the weekend of June the 9th and 10th which is the actual 50th Anniversary of the Club.

Following the dinner, the Commodore Gerry Frobisher, Club Secretary Glenn Williams and the Clubs Vice President Bernard Carter presented the Trophies won by the Club Members during the 2011 sailing season.

  • The Phil Davies Cup – Sailing Captains Alice Frobisher & Calvin Kopec (Dart 18)
  • The Presidents Cup (Tally Race) – Glenn Williams and Calvin Kopec (Hobie 18)
  • The Treforris Cup (P1000 Marathon) – Glenn Williams and Calvin Kopec (Hobie 18)
  • The Warren Petch Trophy (Puffin Island Race) – Mike Robertshaw (Dart 15)
  • The RNLI Trophy – Mike Robertshaw (Dart 15)
  • The Jack Davies Cup (Handicap Series) – Mike Robertshaw (Dart 15)
  • The Masters Trophy – Ian Dudley and Malcolm Wright
  • The Mack-Williams Progression Trophy to George Weis
  • The Lead Hat for the most spectacular Capsize of the season was presented to Alice Frobisher and Yvonne Wade (Dart 18).
  • The Merit Mug for her work on sponsorships for the Club and obtaining a Grant for £1,500 Clubs Junior Section to Lucy Weis.
  • A special mention went to Alice Frobisher who had secured a grant of £595 from Arian I’r Ifanc/Cash For Youth at Conwy Voluntary Services Council, for new radios for the junior Section.

Bouquets of flowers were presented by the Commodore and Vice-President to the Ladies of the Club Jash Kopec, Lucy Weis, Sue Petch, Katie Warburton, Sharon Frobisher, Mandy Williams, Liz Petch, Gwen Jones, Yvonne Wade, Sian Dudley, Alma Butterworth and Amanda Titheridge for all their hard work and commitment to the Club.

Special gifts were presented by the Commodore and Vice President to the Men of the Club  Mark Stafford, Glenn Williams, Calvin Kopek, Gerry Frobisher, Brian Butterworth, Bryan Wilcock, Mark Butterworth and Craig Petch for their commitment to the Club during 2011. Special thanks were given by Glenn Williams to Gerry Frobisher for his Guard Boat duties.

A special thanks went to Alice Frobisher who raised £230.00 by selling raffle tickets during the evening.

Picture 1 – The Marie Louise Cup – Calvin Kopec, Bernard Carter, Gerry Frobisher

Picture 2 – The Phil Davies Cup – Calvin Kopec, Bernard Carter,
Alice Frobisher, Gerry Frobisher

Picture 3 – The Presidents Cup (Tally Race) – Gerry Frobisher, Calvin Kopec,
Bernard Carter, Glenn Williams

Picture 4 – The Treforris Cup (P1000 Marathon) – Calvin Kopec, Bernard Carter,
Glenn Williams, Gerry Frobisher

Picture 5 – The Warren Petch Trophy – Gerry Frobisher, Craig Petch,
Bernard Carter (Collected by Craig on behalf of Mike Robertshaw)

Picture 6 – The Merit Mug – Gerry Frobisher, Lucy Weis, Glenn Williams

Picture 7 – The Lead Hat – Gerry Frobisher, Alice Frobisher,
Yvonne Wade, Glenn Williams

Picture 8 – The Mack-Williams Progression Trophy – Gerry Frobisher, Gerhard Weis,
Calvin Kopec, Josh Mack, Glenn Williams
(Collected by Gerhard on behalf of George Weis his son)

Picture 9 – The Masters Trophy – Gerry Frobisher, Malcolm Wright,
Bernard Carter, Ian Dudley

Picture 10 – The Ladies

Picture 11 – The Men

Picture 12 – Glenn Williams (Secretary), Brian Butterworth (President),
Bernard Carter (Vice President & Race Officer), Gerry Frobisher (Club Commodore).

Picture 13 – Alice Frobisher with The Phil Davies Cup and Lead Hat,

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