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Pen & the Three Peaks Yacht Race


Pen Sailing Club is delighted to be represented by Kev, Glenn and the team on Predator – the pride of Penmaenmawr Sailing Club, in the 2009 PowerBar Barmouth to Fort William Three Peaks Yacht Race. This race combines yachting and mountain running (and a little bit of cycling) into one of the greatest adventure challenges in British sport, second only to Penmaenmawr’s own Tally Race (well sort of). See the videos below.

The Race starts at 18.00 on the 20th June 2009
GOOD LUCK guys from all at Pen Sailing Club.

Details from the  Three Peaks Yacht Race Website are as follows:

Penmaenmawr SC – Beneteau First 50 – Predator
Profile :
Predator is the pride of Penmaenmawr Sailing Club on maiden Three Peaks. Sailing team combine Welsh energy with Yorkshire grit. Runners are 3PYR virgins from Aberdeen Asset Fund Adventure team who are well aware of the task. A fast and determined team hoping for a good blow to move the big boat.
Quotes :
Did anybody check if she’ll go under Britannia Bridge? Kevin is keen to keep the Satellite dish, Wide HD-Screen and Jacuzzi for the race. Predator is so high the oars won’t reach the water. 
Kevin Jones : Skipper
Glenn Williams : Crew
Keith Mander : Crew
Nick Gracie : Runner
Warren Bates : Runner

See TV video clips from previous years here:   Vid1           Vid2           Vid3

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